Getting to know me

Hello there!

My name is Nikki Bellavance and I am currently a Senior Mass Media major at Carlow University. I am planning on attending Point Park University in the Fall of 2013 for a Master’s degree in Communication Technology.

I am somewhat obsessed with the field of medicine; you can usually find me watching ‘Trauma: Life in the ER’ during my nights off or catching up on whatever medical drama happens to be on at the time.

I am an avid reader and I’m always looking for suggestions for good books. I don’t really have a ‘type’ of book I prefer, just something with an amazing story, and a hint of romance never hurts. I must admit however, that I am a sucker for a bittersweet ending.

Aside from reading, I spend most of my time consuming media in all of its forms. I watch more TV shows than anyone should be willing to admit and I would live at the movie theater if it was a possibility. I guess it’s for the same reason I love to read books; the sense of adventure and exploration of new worlds.

Im hoping to find a dream job that incorporates all of these passions, although my research so far has told me no such position exists. But like I always say, “If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create it yourself.”

Until next time…



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